Debugger Output

Debugger messages appear in the Output window, which usually appears at the bottom of the AcuBench screen. If you have created an error file and are capturing trace information, you can also elect to display this information in the Output window.

Note that if you choose to send trace information to the Output window but no runtime error file exists, unusual screen behavior and additional undefined behaviors will result.

To send tracing information to the Output window:

  1. Use the Project Settings dialog to establish an error file. On the Runtime tab, first select the I/O options catalog, then mark the File to be opened for error message (-e) check box. Don’t forget to add an error file name in the entry field.
  2. Close the Project Settings interface.
  3. Open the Debug menu, expand the Trace Option sub-menu, and select Trace to Debug Window.

    Now, when you turn on the debugger’s tracing options, all generated trace information is sent both to the error file and to the Output window.