Product Overview

Restriction: AcuBench no longer supports Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 (or any Windows platforms that pre-date these). This is because AcuBench utilizes a number of third-party libraries that have ceased to be supported on those platforms.

Welcome to the AcuBench® integrated development environment for COBOL from Micro Focus. AcuBench is a member of the extend® family of interoperability solutions. AcuBench extends and enhances the ACUCOBOL-GT® development system with a powerful suite of graphical tools for data, program, interface, and report design. With AcuBench you can develop and maintain your COBOL applications in a developer friendly Microsoft Windows environment and deploy your applications on any of the more than 600 platforms supported by Micro Focus.

Some of AcuBench's major features include:

AcuBench includes key project management supports for:

Key code development features include:

Key screen development capabilities include:

Integrated User Interface

The workbench presents all of its primary capabilities in an integrated main application window. This user-configurable window contains several interior windows for viewing projects; working with data; working with programs and their components, including screens and reports; and for monitoring several types of system output (compilation messages, version control actions, search results, and more). There are also special windows for coding embedded procedures and working with the integrated debugger. You can control the visibility, size, and placement of all interior windows and toolbars.

Project-centered Application Development

A project model is used to support AcuBench application development. Each element of a COBOL application, large or small, is identified, added to, and tracked by AcuBench as a project. As a result, applications enjoy a standard structure that makes them easier to manage and maintain. This architecture allows AcuBench to handle many aspects of application development for you. For example, when you direct AcuBench to build (compile) a project, AcuBench automatically determines which elements of the project must be recompiled to make the project current.