Companion Products

AcuBench is interlinked with other members of Micro Focus's extend family of solutions. The following sections briefly describe the technologies most closely related to AcuBench.


ACUCOBOL-GT is an ANSI 1985 COBOL compiler designed to provide a powerful development environment for a wide range of computers. Fast compile speed, clear error messages, and a multi-window source level debugger work together to provide a high performance, easy to use COBOL development platform. Portable object code, a generic interface to a variety of file systems, and a device-independent terminal interface help to simplify the distribution of applications developed with ACUCOBOL-GT.

In addition to portable object code, ACUCOBOL-GT can generate and execute object files that contain native instructions for specific types of processors. This enables you to optimize the use of CPU resources on the host machine while maintaining full portability within the same family of processors.

Complete access to the ACUCOBOL-GT development system, including all of its utilities, is available from within the AcuBench integrated development environment.


AcuConnect is a client/server technology that is an integral part of extend’s distributed computing solution. AcuConnect lets you implement a client/server system in which the client piece can be as thin or as thick as you need.

Developers using AcuBench can take advantage of Micro Focus’s Thin Client technology, allowing them to work in a user-friendly Windows environment and compile to and run from a UNIX, Linux, or Windows server. The thin client implementation of AcuConnect lets you run the user interface (UI) portion of your application on a graphical display host while the rest of the application and data reside on the server.