Remote Precompiling with Boomerang

If you have set up and configured Boomerang on a remote server, you can take advantage of an AcuBench interface to the Boomerang client utility. The Boomerang utility sends source files to a remote server for preprocessing, then returns the precompiled source to the local machine for compiling.

For detailed information about the Boomerang utility, including server setup and configuration, see Debugger and Utilities.

To access the Boomerang utility from within AcuBench:

  1. Open the Project Settings interface, select the Compiler tab, and open the Pre-compiler Options catalog.
  2. Mark the check box next to Generic or Boomerang Precompiler (-Pg), then click Browse to open the Add Precompile Commands interface.

  3. Select the Boomerang tab, then click the Add (“+”) button.
  4. Use the fields on the tab to enter server, port, and alias information.

    Note that you can specify multiple local and remote precompiler command lines, as needed. The updated precompiler command line appears in the Precompile Commands-Arguments field near the top of the Add Precompile Commands window.

  5. If you have added multiple precompiler command lines, you can use the arrow keys to determine the order that the commands will be passed through the compiler.
  6. When you are finished, click OK to save your changes. The Project Options field at the bottom of the Compiler tab lists the updated compiler command line. Note that you must click OK to close the Project Settings window and save your changes. If you click Cancel, any changes to your precompiler settings are lost.

Note that status and any error messages are returned to the output window.