Environment Settings

The Environment tab of the Project Settings window is used to set the environment variables that apply to the selected project. You can view, add, modify, or delete environment variables in this interface.

Five environment variables are predefined by default. They are:

ACUPATH Defines the path to the ACUCOBOL-GT executable files (for example, c:\Program Files\Micro Focus\extend x.x.x\AcuGT\bin).
CODE_PREFIX Defines directories to search when a program name is specified without a full path. See Compiler and Runtime.
COMPILERNAME Defines the name of the compiler executable file (by default, ccbl32.exe).
COPYPATH Defines one or more paths that AcuBench searches to locate COBOL COPY files (see The COPYPATH Environment Variable).
RUNNAME Defines the name of the runtime executable file (by default, wrun32.exe).

Other variables are added when AcuBench verifies that it can connect to a specified remote server and port:

THINNAME Defines the name of the thin client executable (by default, acuthin.exe).

As with the RUNNAME executable, the executable defined by THINNAME and the directory defined by CLASSPATHDIR must be located in ACUPATH.

The value of variables defined in the Environment tab take precedence over the values of corresponding variables defined in the run-time configuration file. This is especially important to note if you have set CODE_PREFIX in your configuration file. For more information, see Introduction and Compiler and Runtime and Configuration Variables.