Code Name Aliases

If you would rather specify the exact location of your called program (rather than having AcuConnect search through CODE PREFIX for the location), you can define code name aliases, also in the client configuration file. A code name alias is a substitute name for the program that you're calling.

For example, if you have this CALL statement in your application:

CALL "prog2" using customer-info.          

You could create the alias "PROG2" in your client configuration file by adding two lines:

PROG2  *servername:/usr/prog2/prog2.acu

The first line creates the alias "PROG2" to represent prog2.acu on the application server in directory /usr/prog2. The second line turns the code alias, and any other code aliases, "on."

With these two lines in the client.cfg file, AcuConnect knows to look on *servername for the remote application when it encounters the CALL.

By using aliases in the client.cfg file, you enable your users to change their configuration file dynamically at run time, and you enable them to improve performance.

Note: To disable code aliases, set CODE_MAPPING to 0. In this case, remote program location is derived from the CODE_PREFIX variable. For more information on the CODE_MAPPING variable, refer to the appendix "Configuration Variables" in ACUCOBOL-GT Appendices.