Other Variables

Although the client.cfg file can contain any standard configuration file variable defined in the ACUCOBOL-GT User's Guide, these variables have specific meaning to AcuConnect.

ACUCONNECT_DEBUG_METHOD Used with ACUCONNECT_DEBUG_METHOD_STRING to control where remote debugging occurs.
ACUCONNECT_DEBUG_METHOD_STRING Used with ACUCONNECT_DEBUG_METHOD to control where remote debugging occurs.
ACUCONNECT_CLOSE_AFTER_CANCEL Lets you specify whether the connection to a remote application should remain open or be closed after a CALL is complete.
ACUCONNECT_RUNTIME_FLAGS Parameters that you would normally put on the runtime command line when starting the remote application, used when the runtime for the remote application executes.
ACUCONNECT_PORT Specifies a particular port number to be used for accessing AcuConnect on the server host machine.
DEFAULT_MAP_FILE Defines the name and path of the map file to be used (if any) to map special characters in your client character set to their decimal or hexadecimal equivalent on the server.
server_MAP_FILE Lets you specify a map file for use with international character translation for use with a specific server. The map file itself can be stored anywhere.
TEXT_nnn Controls the text of selected AcuConnect messages.