Installer File Locations

Two configuration variables specify the locations of the client and server installer files. You set the TC_INSTALLER_SERVER_FILE configuration variable to the path and file name of the server installer file. Its default value is


where <runtime_path> is the directory that contains the wrun32 or runcbl runtime executable. As mentioned earlier, you can substitute another type of file for the .msi file (for example, an .exe, .html, .doc, .pdf, or .cmd).

Note that on Windows servers, you should not use drive letters mapped to network shares in TC_INSTALLER_SERVER_FILE. Problems can occur if you try to use a drive letter that is mapped in a different security context. Instead, use Universal Naming Convention (UNC) names to access resources. The format looks like the following:

TC_INSTALLER_SERVER_FILE \\MyServer\filesharename\directoryname\filename
Note: To access network shares, you must either set the AcuConnect SECURITY_METHOD configuration variable to "LOGON" or use the control panel to set the AcuConnect Service "Log On As" property to an account that can access the network share.

Use the TC_INSTALLER_CLIENT_FILE configuration variable to specify the path and file name of the installer file that you want to create on the client. You may use the following special directory names for Windows to specify the value of TC_INSTALLER_CLIENT_FILE:

Identifier Directory
<APPDATA> C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data
<COMMON_APPDATA> C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data
<COMMON_DOCUMENTS>    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents
<DESKTOP> C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Desktop
<LOCAL_APPDATA> C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Local Settings\Application Data
<MYDOCUMENTS> C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\My Documents

See Copying Files between the Client and Server for more information about these special directory names.

The default value of TC_INSTALLER_CLIENT_FILE is


where <installer_server_filename> is the file name specified in the TC_INSTALLER_SERVER_FILE configuration variable. By default, the specified file name is acuthin.msi. As an example, if user Bob has TC_INSTALLER_SERVER_FILE set to the default, the default value of TC_INSTALLER_CLIENT_FILE is

C:\Documents and Settings\Bob\Application Data\ACUCOBOL-GT\acuthin.msi