Licensing Requirements

Your customers will require the appropriate license file (single-use versus multiple-use). A license file is created from the product code and product key by the Activator utility. To obtain the product code and product key pair for your end user, you need to provide Micro Focus with the following information:

  1. Host operating system

    We need information about the target machine, such as the name of the operating system (OS), the release version of the OS, and the type of processor (such as Intel or SPARC). For example:

    • Windows 8 Pro (Intel)
    • IBM AIX V7.2 32-bit
    • HP-UX 11.31 RISC 64-bit
    • SCO UNIX OpenServer 10
    • Linux (glibc 2.5) (Intel)
    • Solaris 11.3 (SPARC) 64-bit
  2. Number of users

    You also need to specify how many users will be accessing the application at the same time (concurrent users). For example, if a site needs access to an application from a number of machines, but only by one user at a time, this would require a different license file than a site where multiple users access the same application concurrently.

  3. extend products

    You need to specify which products will be run with your application. Remember to specify the version number of the product using three digits, such as 8.1.0.

Once we have this information, the product code and product key pair(s) will be shipped in accordance with your License Agreement.