License Management with CGI on the Internet

If you order a CGI license file, you will receive a product code and key that will cause the Activator utility to create this type of license file. However, for the runtime to recognize this special license file, your COBOL application should be compiled with the "-Ca" compiler switch. You must also use "-f" as a runtime parameter, or set the A_CGI environment variable to a non-zero value. See Configuring the Web Server in A Programmer's Guide to the Internet for a description of the A_CGI variable.

When these conditions are detected by the runtime, it will run exclusively in CGI mode. In CGI mode, the runtime looks for a CGI license file. If a CGI license file is not found, the runtime looks for a standard runtime license file which, if found, causes the runtime to execute in its normal mode. End users should not detect any difference in runtime operation between CGI mode and normal mode.