To start acushare, you simply enter the following on the command line:

acushare -start

A successful start creates a background process that handles license management and shared code. You can specify:

acushare -start -f

to have acushare run in the foreground.

If you want acushare to start automatically each time your system boots, you can add a small amount of code to the system boot file. The name of the boot file varies from system to system. Typical names are /etc/rc.local, /etc/brc, or /etc/rc. Identify the proper startup file and add lines similar to the following:

if [ -f /usr/etc/acushare ]; then
   echo Starting ACUCOBOL-GT shared-code and license daemon> \
   /usr/etc/acushare -start > /dev/console

The above example assumes that you've placed acushare in /usr/etc. You may need to adjust the sample code to match the conventions used in your environment.

For more information about starting acushare, see ACUCOBOL-GT User's Guide Compiler and Runtime > acushare Utility Program.