License Files for extend Products

All extend products require a license file in order to operate. You may request a license file for a single user, or one that allows a number of users to execute a particular product concurrently.

When you receive your product(s) the package includes one or more letters containing product codes and product keys for every product you ordered. (These are alphanumeric strings containing information about your product, such as the version number, serial number, and user count.) The letter is titled "Important Licensing Information." If you do not receive this letter, contact your Micro Focus extend representative. You must have the product code(s) and product key(s) to install your software. A utility called the Activator converts the pair of strings into a license file.

Note: Use the version of the Activator that corresponds with the version of the product you are installing.

The product code and product key make it easy to update or change your license file. If you order a new product or add users, you simply enter a new product code and key into the Activator utility. The resulting license file is required. If the license file is missing or damaged, your access to the software may be interrupted.