Bitmap Buttons

This section describes how to create bitmap buttons. A bitmap button is a push button, check box, or radio button that looks like a push button, but with a picture on its face instead of the usual text. Bitmap buttons are frequently grouped together to form a toolbar. A bitmap button that is a check box or radio button appears to be depressed when it has a non-zero value (is selected, or on). It appears to be raised when its value is zero (is not selected, or off).

Creating a bitmap button is a multi-step process. It helps to be familiar with programming regular push buttons before you attempt to program a bitmap button. To create a bitmap button you must complete the following steps:

  1. Create the bitmap image with a paint application.
  2. Update your program to load the bitmap into memory.
  3. Update your program to create the button and specify the bitmap image to apply to the button.

These steps are detailed in the sections that follow.