Other List Box Operations

Paged list boxes include a mechanism that allows the user to enter a search string. Any time a paged list box is active, the user can enter a sequence of characters (the search string). The list box automatically pops up a search box (entry field) displaying the search string. Each character entered generates an NTF-PL-SEARCH event. The program should be programmed to respond to the NTF-PL-SEARCH event, displaying the first entry in the data source that matches the search string. For an example of NTF-PL-SEARCH support, see the code example in Paged List Box Example.

Other aspects of a standard list box apply equally to a paged list box. For example, the currently selected item is the box's VALUE. You can specify the NOTIFY-DBLCLICK property to detect when the user double-clicks on an item. You can empty the list with the RESET-LIST property, or use the MASS-UPDATE property to speed changing the box's contents. For a complete description of list box properties and operations, see the List Box.