Using the .NET MSIL Compiler Options

Restriction: These options requires the .NET Framework 2.0 SDK version; they are not supported on platforms that do not support the SDK version of this framework.

The easiest way to provide COBOL services to a .NET assembly is to use one of ACUCOBOL-GT's .NET compiler options to generate managed objects that can call your ACUCOBOL-GT program. These objects are compiled in Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL), so they can be managed directly by the .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR). They are MSIL stubs capable of calling the ACUCOBOL-GT run time and executing your .acu object.

There are two compiler options that you can use for this purpose:

Compiler Option     Description
--netexe Generates a .NET Version 2.0-compatible executable file from your COBOL source.
--netdll Generates a .NET Version 2.0-compatible dynamic link library (DLL) file from your COBOL source.