AcuXML Error Reporting

If AcuXML encounters a parsing error, it returns the error code "9D05,nn" where nn is one of the following:

1 Out of memory
2 Syntax error
3 No element found
4 Not well formed (invalid token)
5 Unclosed token
6 Partial character
7 Mismatched tag
8 Duplicate attribute
9 Junk after document element
10 Illegal parameter entity reference
11 Undefined entity
12 Recursive entity reference
13 Asynchronous entity
14 Reference to invalid character number
15 Reference to binary entity
16 Reference to external entity in attribute
17 XML processing instruction not at start of external entity
18 Unknown encoding
19 Encoding specified in XML declaration is incorrect
20 Unclosed CDATA section
21 Error in processing external entity reference
22 Document is not standalone
23 Unexpected parser state – please send a bug report
24     Entity declared in parameter entity