Sets the COBOL application to run. You must use the absolute path even if the COBOL application resides inside the current directory and you have not specified the directory with the AcuOptions property.

Parameter Type    Input    Output
(BSTR) [ ] [ ]

The security on your network may have an impact on which disks and directories an instance of the runtime is allowed to access.

The AcuProgram property accepts a BSTR as a value.

The AcuProgram property is available any time after the Web runtime has been invoked. Its contents are read and applied to the runtime when AcuExecute is invoked.

For example:

AcuGTAX.AcuProgram = "c:\tmp\myprog.acu"
CurrentProgram = AcuGTAX.AcuProgram

If you are using scripting, rather than implicit activation (with the <OBJECT> element), a call to AcuExecute() is necessary to activate the runtime.

Use AcuProgram for MS-DOS and UNC paths only, such as "c:\mydir\myprog.acu" or "\\myserver\c\mydir\myprog.acu". Use the SRC property instead for URL paths. You can use SRC or AcuProgram, but not both.