How Internet Explorer Security Affects the Web Runtime

Certain security settings of Internet Explorer can affect how it handles the Web runtime. The following table outlines the security settings that could have an effect on your end users, depending on their configuration of Internet Explorer.

Security Setting Option Low Medium Low Medium     High
Download signed ActiveX controls Enable Prompt Prompt Disable *
Download unsigned ActiveX controls Prompt     Disable     Disable Disable
Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe Prompt Disable Disable Disable
Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins Enable Enable Enable Disable*
Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting      Enable Enable Enable Disable**
Don't prompt for client certificate Enable Enable Disable Disable
Active Scripting Enable Enable Enable Disable**

* If your users have selected "Disable" for either of these settings–either via the default High security setting or a custom setting–they cannot run the Web runtime.

**If your users have selected "Disable" for either of these settings, and they are using the scripting facilities, they cannot run the Web runtime.