What Is the Thin Client?

Our thin client technology is an innovation that lets you display the user interface portion of your server-based application on Windows graphical display hosts.

The thin client technology is designed for two main purposes:

Although designed for local and wide-area TCP/IP networks, our thin client solution is well-suited to low-bandwidth, high-lag connections like the Internet because it eliminates the file I/O occurring over the network.

Sample Scenario

Your inventory program is UNIX-based. However, you know that many of your users typically work at Windows PCs or laptops, rather than UNIX workstations. On the road, sales people often connect to your application from their hotel rooms at low data speed connections.

The ACUCOBOL-GT Thin Client provides a way for you to keep your UNIX program, yet enable users to work in a graphical Windows environment. Users can simply visit your Web site to launch the program. They never know that they are running a UNIX program because all they see is the Windows UI.

Because processing is done on the server, your users don't have to be running especially powerful machines to be able to work efficiently with your program. The thin client's low bandwidth abilities make it especially desirable for users who are out of office and using cellular connections to laptops.

If the data file for the inventory program is remote to the application, you can use the AcuServerĀ® file system interface to give your customers and staff access to that file.