Thin Clients and the Internet

Our thin client can be deployed over the Internet just as easily as a local- or wide-area network. There are three ways to accomplish this:

  1. You can specify the name and port number or IP address of the server you are accessing when you enter thin client command line parameters. See Specifying an Internet Address on the Command Line for details.
  2. You can create a command line file that contains all the information needed by the ACUCOBOL-GT Thin Client to launch your application. You can then create a link on your Web page to this file, and if your license permits it, to a self-extracting archive for the thin client. Users can then download the thin client from your Web site and click a link to launch your program. See Providing Thin Client Links on the Web for details on this method.
  3. You can place an ActiveX version of the thin client, known as the ACUCOBOL-GT Web Thin Client, on your Web page. When set up properly, the Web thin client automates the process of download and install for end users, and it automatically invokes your application as well. See Using the ACUCOBOL-GT Web Thin Client for details.
Note: Review the license agreements of any third-party product that may be invoked when you are accessing the server from a remote location through the ACUCOBOL-GT Thin Client. For instance, if you will be accessing a Windows server through a virtual private network, you should review Microsoft's end user license agreement.