Changes Affecting Version 7.1

Compiler and Runtime Changes

Beginning with Version 7.2, the wheel mouse can be used for scrolling in a center- or right-aligned entry field. To preserve the pre-7.2 behavior and prevent scrolling in these situations, set the V71_ALIGNED_ENTRY_FIELD configuration variable to 1 (on, true, yes) or compile your code for compatibility with a version older than Version 7.2. The default value of this variable is 0 (off, false, no).

In Version 7.2, the runtime uses a different font measuring algorithm when it computes font widths in Windows. With this change, the runtime now validates the data returned by the Windows GetTextMetrics function and corrects it when it is too large. The V71_FONT_WIDTHS configuration variable setting allows you to use the pre-Version 7.2 rules. This variable can have one of the following values:

-1     (default) The change is enabled for programs using Version 7.2 or later semantics. In other words, the program has been compiled with Version 7.2 or later and the command line does not contain a compiler option for pre-7.2 semantics.
0 The change is enabled.
1 The change is disabled and the Version 7.1 and earlier font measuring code is used.

Two compilation switches provide compatibility with Version 7.1:

-C71    Causes the compiler to generate code according to the rules used by Version 7.1.
-Z71 Creates object code that can be run with a Version 7.1 runtime.