Changes Affecting Version 6.1

The following paragraphs describe changes that can affect programs originally written with ACUCOBOL-GT Version 6.1.

Compiler Changes

Programs that will be deployed on 64-bit Windows systems and that have USAGE POINTER data items must be recompiled with Version 6.1.1 or later. This is because, beginning with Version 6.1.1 (the introduction of ACUCOBOL-GT for 64-bit Windows), the compiler and runtime differentiate between USAGE LONG and USAGE POINTER data items. This is necessary for 64-bit Windows.

Two compilation switches provide compatibility with Version 6.1:

-C61    Causes the compiler to generate code according to the rules used by Version 6.1.
-Z61 Creates object code that can be run with a Version 6.1 runtime.

Runtime Changes

  • Beginning with Version 6.2, on the HP e3000, if a program is compiled with the -Cp option, OPEN OUTPUT statements create temporary files. This is consistent with the behavior of native HP COBOL on the platform. Prior to Version 6.2, OPEN OUTPUT statements created permanent files.
  • Beginning with Version 6.2, C$OPENSAVEBOX makes use of the OPNSAV-FLAGS field of OPENSAVE-DATA. Prior versions ignored the field.