Changes Affecting Version 4.3

Version 5.0 of ACUCOBOL-GT contains significant changes in the internal workings of both the compiler and runtime. The following paragraphs describe changes that can affect programs originally written with ACUCOBOL-GT Version 4.3.

Licensing Changes

With the Version 5.0 release, the licensing procedure for extendproducts has been changed. All products still require a license file, but you no longer need a separate license disk to install your products. Instead, you will receive a pair of alphanumeric strings (keys) that must be entered to activate your software. See Getting Started with ACUCOBOL-GT for more information.

Compiler Changes

Two compilation switches provide compatibility with Version 4.3:

-C43    Causes the compiler to generate code according to the rules used by Version 4.3.
-Z43 Creates object code that can be run with a Version 4.3 runtime.

Runtime Changes

  • In previous versions, the UNIX runtime would use the name of the user that started a runtime process to identify the user to acushare and count the number of processes a user was executing simultaneously. In Version 5.0, the user is defined as a unique terminal name. Each terminal is counted as a unique user and requires one user license. Background processes adopt the name of the terminal which started them. There are 1024 processes per user allowed for each terminal name.

    acushare 5.0 can be used with older runtimes and will report the maximum processes and processes per user settings for those runtimes as long as they have different serial numbers from the 5.0 runtime installed on the machine. If a Version 4.3 and a Version 5.0 runtimes on the same machine have the same serial number, acushare 5.0 supports both but does not report maximum processes or processes per user.

  • Microsoft has changed standard input stream handling in Internet Information Server 4.0. When you are running with the -f option or when the A_CGI environment variable is set, the runtime reads only the number of bytes set in the CONTENT_LENGTH environment variable by the web server. The runtime no longer waits for an end of file condition.
  • The runtime no longer differentiates between UNIX-4 and UNIX-V in the OPERATING-SYSTEM field of the SYSTEM-INFORMATION structure. Instead, it reports UNIX for all UNIX operating systems.