ACUCOBOL-GT supports the IBM Enterprise COBOL XML GENERATE and XML PARSE statements. XML PARSE gives you a way to parse XML data and process it in a COBOL program, associating processing procedures with the exception and non-exception cases that can result from the parse. XML GENERATE gives you a way to translate COBOL data into XML.

As before, ACUCOBOL-GT also includes AcuXML, a run time-resident interface that transparently converts XML data to sequential files for COBOL processing, and C$XML, a library routine that gives you precise control over which elements or attributes of the data to parse. A developer utility called xml2fd creates File Descriptors (FDs) and SELECT statements from existing XML files to support AcuXML.

All three of these approaches can be used to parse records-based XML files, but note that only C$XML and XML PARSE can be used to parse non-records-based XML files.