The -Cp HP COBOL Compatibility Switch

The -Cp compiler switch allows ACUCOBOL-GT to accept HP COBOL extensions to the ANSI 1985 Standard. These extensions are described in the following subsections, organized in the order in which the extension occurs in a COBOL program.

The use of the -Cp option with the ACUCOBOL-GT compiler triggers the following HP COBOL-specific behavior.

Successful compilation results in the creation of an ACUCOBOL-GT object file that is ready for immediate execution by the runtime. There is no link step.

Support for HP COBOL extensions and the call interface to HP COBOL system intrinsics is built directly into the ACUCOBOL-GT compiler and runtime. ACUCOBOL-GT supports KSAM, IMAGE, and VPLUS through the HP COBOL intrinsic procedures and functions specific to those components. KSAM can also be used with standard COBOL I/O (see section Accessing KSAM Relative and Sequential Files). For more information about ACUCOBOL-GT support for system intrinsics, see System Intrinsics.