File Status Codes

ACUCOBOL-GT supports five different sets of FILE STATUS code values. These five sets correspond with the values used by RM/COBOL-85, RM/COBOL version 2, Data General ICOBOL, VAX COBOL, and IBM DOS/VS COBOL. By default, ACUCOBOL-GT uses the RM/COBOL-85 values.

You can select another set of file status codes at runtime by setting the configuration variable FILE_STATUS_CODES to one of the following values:

"74" -RM/COBOL version 2 codes
"85" -RM/COBOL-85 codes (default)
"DG" -ICOBOL codes
"VAX" -VAX COBOL codes
"IBM" -IBM DOS/VS codes
Note: The set of status codes used depends solely on the current setting of the FILE_STATUS_CODES variable and not on any compile-time settings. This is done to provide a consistent set of status codes to every program in a run unit. If you need to change the set of status codes during a run unit, you can do so with the SET ENVIRONMENT verb. Some programmers use this verb to ensure status code settings for a particular program, or in situations where programs that conform to the 1985 COBOL standard and programs that do not conform are both in use at a site.