acushare Errors

The runtime system gracefully handles errors relating to shared code and license management. If the runtime cannot use shared code for some reason (such as running out of shared memory), the runtime simply loads the program into conventional memory and execution continues.

If acushare stops running or is stopped while networked runtime processes are active, the runime issues a warning message, alerting the user to restart acushare. If the runtime later detects that acushare has not been restarted, the runtime exits.

By default certain errors cause a warning message to be displayed in a message box, which requires a response from the user. You can change this behavior by setting the LICENSE_ERROR_MESSAGE_BOX configuration variable to 0. This will send error messages to the error output (stderr, or an error file if specified). These messages include:

Note: If there are no shared memory identifiers, acushare aborts and prints the following error message:

acushare: cannot create shared memory

This message indicates that you do not have enough shared memory configured in your system. Either your UNIX kernel does not have the resource configured, or all of the resources are in use by other programs. In either case, you should regenerate your UNIX kernel for more shared memory. See your UNIX system documentation.