This variable is used to point to the character map file used for translating international character sets between a client machine and a specific server that uses different character codes. The map file is a simple text file that you create with an editor of your choice. Each line in the map file must contain two values in either decimal or hexadecimal: the character code of the character on the client machine, and the character code of the same character on the server. Use a # sign to indicate a comment.

The map file may be stored on either the client machine or the server machine.

The server specified in the configuration variable name must match the server specified in the remote name notation that points to the data files. For example, if you are using AcuServer to access remote files on a machine named sun3, you would use remote name notation to specify the directory that contains the data files. It might look like this:


Then, create a map file and use this configuration variable to point to the map file:

sun3_map_file  @sun3:/user/acct/inventory/map.txt

If the map file is local, your value might look like this:

sun3_map_file  C:\user\utility\map.txt

If the map file is located on a server, you must have the AcuServer product on that server, to enable client access.

The runtime first searches for the configuration variable server_MAP_FILE and, if it is found, uses that setting to locate the map file. If that variable is not set, the runtime searches for DEFAULT_MAP_FILE. If that variable is also not set, then no character translation is done.