This configuration variable controls the text of runtime messages. The ACUCOBOL-GT runtime system displays a number of informational and warning messages to the end user. Several of these messages can be customized via entries in the configuration file.

For each message that you want to change, place the word "TEXT" in your configuration file, followed by a message number from the list below, an "=" sign, and then the text you would like to use.

For example, the standard message #1 is "press return". You can change that message to "push enter" by placing this line in your configuration file:

TEXT  1=push enter
Note: There is no space before or after the equals sign, and the new message is not in quotes.

These are the standard runtime messages and their numbers:

Message Number Text
1 Press return
2 Number required
3 Entry required
4 Field must be filled with data
5 Too many hot keys active
6 Program missing or inaccessible
7 Not a COBOL program
8 Corrupted program
9 Inadequate memory available
10 Unsupported version of object code
11 Program already in use
12 Too many external segments
13 Large-model program not supported
18 Please end this application first
19 Japanese objects not supported

This message is displayed when a standard runtime attempts to execute an object that contains Japanese COBOL extensions.

20 Too many lines

This message is displayed when the user exceeds the MAX-LINES setting for a multiline entry field.

21 License manager (acushare) not running

This message is displayed when acushare is not running and the runtime is unable to start it (e.g., because it is not in the path).

22 Data must fit this format:

This message is displayed when the user enters illegal data when using the NUMERIC_VALIDATION configuration option.

23 &Ok
24 &Yes
25 &No
26 &Cancel

Messages 23, 24, 25, and 26 are used by character-based versions for the message box facility.

28 Unable to access the file "%s" due to heavy usage by other users. Would you like to continue waiting for it?

(See the configuration variable WAIT_FOR_FILE_ACCESS for more information about this message.)

30 Connection refused - perhaps AcuConnect is not running
31 Please enter a value between %ld and %ld

This message is displayed when the user enters a value outside of the allowed range for an entry-field (see MIN-VAL/MAX-VAL in the entry-field reference). The first %ld is replaced by the MIN-VAL setting. The second %ld is replaced by the MAX-VAL setting. You may omit these if you desire. Note that the second character in the sequence is the letter l, and not the number one (1).

32 Program contains object code for a different processor
33 Incorrect serial number
34 Connection refused - user count exceeded on remote server
35 License error
36 The remote host is not responding.\nPress OK to close this program.\nPress Cancel to wait another %s seconds.

This message is displayed when Thin Client does not receive a response from the server in the number of seconds specified in TC_SERVER_TIMEOUT.

Use "\n" to separate lines and %s to substitute the number of seconds (value of TC_SERVER_TIMEOUT). If you don't want to display the number of seconds, omit the %s.

Note: This variable cannot be read with the ACCEPT FROM ENVIRONMENT statement.