The V_STRIP_DOT_EXTENSION variable determines whether or not Vision strips a trailing "dot extension" (.dat) from the logical name of a data file when generating file names for index and data segments (other than the first data segment). Setting this variable to 0 prevents the extension from being removed. For example, by default, the first index segment name for the logical file file.one is file.vix (which would conflict with the index segment of file.two). When V_STRIP_DOT_EXTENSION is set to 0 (off, false, no), the index segment name is file.one.vix. The default value for this variable is 1 (on, true, yes).

Note: The setting of this variable affects the behavior of four configuration variables: filename, filename_DATA_FMT, filename_INDEX_FMT, and filename_VERSION. See their respective entries in this appendix for details.