The Appendices part of the ACUCOBOL-GT documentation set includes the following.

Appendix A: Specifications Compares ACUCOBOL-GT with the ANSI standard and describes internal limits set by the compiler.
Appendix B: Reserved Words Lists ACUCOBOL-GT reserved words and notes which source dialect of each word.
Appendix C: Changes Affecting Earlier Versions Describes features of ACUCOBOL-GT that have changed since earlier versions, and how to accommodate these differences.
Appendix D: Compiler Error Messages Lists and describes the error messages that the compiler can generate.
Appendix E: File Status Codes Lists file and transaction status values and their meanings.
Appendix F: Intrinsic Functions Details the latest ANSI intrinsic function module standards for COBOL.
Appendix G: Reserved For Future Use Is a placeholder that serves to preserve the historic placement of Appendices H and I.
Appendix H: Configuration Variables Summarizes the entries that are available for use in the ACUCOBOL-GT runtime configuration file.
Appendix I: ACUCOBOL-GT Library Routines Describes callable routines that are built into the runtime system. These routines may be called directly by your programs.