.NET Development Options

These options enable you to configure the compiler in order to locate the Microsoft development tools (al.exe, ilasm.exe) when compiling with the .NET options --netdll, --netdlld, and --netexe.

--NETToolsDir=<\path\to\.NET\tools> Sets a registry entry that the compiler uses in order to locate the Microsoft development tools. This option only needs to be used once, before you use the .NET options. For example:
ccbl32 --NETToolsDir=C:\MSNetTools\

If the registry entry is not correctly set, or does not exist, the compiler will then look in C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727, and then along the PATH environment variable. If the compiler fails to find the tools using any of these methods, then the compilation fails.

Note: You must set this option for each new version of the compiler used, because the generated registry key is version specific.
--resetNETToolsDir If you need to remove the current registry entry, this option cleanly removes it, allowing you to set a new location using the option above. For example:
ccbl32 --resetNETToolsDir