Installing AcuXDBC/AcuXDBC Server in Windows

For installation instructions on Windows Vista, see Installing AcuXDBC/AcuXDBC Server_WinVista.

  1. On Windows, run setup.exe on your product CD-ROM to install AcuXDBC on your machine.
  2. Select AcuXDBC from the product selection list as appropriate. You will be prompted for product codes and license keys during the installation, so have this information ready. The installation process sets an environment variable known as GENESIS_HOME with the location for configuration files and the installation directory. The default installation directory is C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\extend x.x.x\AcuGT\ on Windows (where x.x.x is the extend version number). Though you can have several different configuration files and refer to different ones in your DSNs, they must always reside in the directory pointed to by GENESIS_HOME.
    Note: If you install AcuXDBC in a non-default directory, be sure to modify the DICTSOURCE and FILE_PREFIX variables in the client configuration file. See the topic Configuration > AcuXDBC Configuration for more information on these variables.
The setup.exe file contains defaults used for many of the tools. You may want to duplicate in this file any changes that you made to defaults, to reflect the new defaults used by system utilities