ECN-AW146 AcuToWeb Themes Generator

Product: AcuToWeb

Module: AcuToWeb

Machines Affected: all


A CSS Theme Generator is now provided with AcuToWeb to enable you to easily generate CSS files that customize the look and feel of your AcuToWeb applications. The editor is WYSIWYG and so very little CSS scripting knowledge is required. To access the Themes Generator, click (Open Themes Generator) on the Connection Setup dialog box.

When creating a theme, you can apply styles to the different control types used in your applications.

Each type of control has a number of pre-defined styles that you can choose from or edit to suit your requirements.

Once you have exported your finished stylesheet, you can configure it as an available theme by editing the gateway configuration file and adding a customize_css entry; for example:

customize_css neon=c:\css\myNeonTheme.css 

If you need to edit a stylesheet, you can also import it into the Themes Generator, where you can edit and select existing styles, and then export it again.