In an XDBC configuration file, set the DATE_ZERO_VALUE configuration variable to a valid date, as per the format specified by the XFD DATE directive, to be used when translating dates between a DATETIME type and a COBOL data type.

This date is used in the following situations:
  • When translating COBOL data to a DATETIME, if the COBOL data item consists of all zeros or LOW-VALUES, the value for DATA_ZERO_VALUE is used.
  • When translating a DATETIME type to a COBOL data item, if the DATETIME is the same value as DATE_ZERO_VALUE, the COBOL item is set to either all zeros or LOW-VALUES, depending on the value of the DATE_MIN_LOW_VALUES configuration variable.
Note: During translation, any information missing from the date string will default to the lowest possible value.


With the following variables set:

DATE_ZERO_VALUE       1901010100000000

the following translations occur:

Original item Translated to
COBOL item is all zeros 1901010100000000
COBOL item is LOW-VALUES 1901010100000000
DATETYPE is 1901010100000000 LOW-VALUES