Using AcuServer’s Graphical User Interface for Windows

Executing acuserve in Windows automatically launches the AcuServer Control Panel (ACP), a graphical-based administrative utility based on AcuServer’s command-line requirements.

Note: To use the AcuServer Control Panel on Windows 2008 where UAC is turned on (as it is by default), any user must choose Run as Administrator in order to use the various Acuserver utilities. UAC can be turned off, in which case the user must merely be a member of the administrators group in order to fully operate AcuServer.

You can use the ACP to perform the same tasks that you would otherwise perform by issuing the acuserve command at the command line. You can:

Chapter Administrator Utilities and Functions describes how to perform AcuServer functions from the command line and the ACP. You can access the AcuServer documentation from the ACP by clicking Help or by pressing F1.