ACUCOBOL-GT Run-Time Manual

This Runtime Manual provides a summary of the options, variables, error codes, and utilities used with the ACUCOBOL-GT® runtime system, also known as the COBOL Virtual Machine(TM).

The ACUCOBOL-GT Run-Time Manual includes the following:

Introduction Describes an overview of the available runtime systems.
Setting up your Terminals A comprehensive guide to the terminal manager, the runtime module that handles keyboard input and display output for your applications.
Runtime Configuration File Describes how to configure the runtime system using a runtime configuration file.
Runtime Options Describes the syntax required to invoke the runtime system.
Runtime Debugger A comprehensive guide to debugging your applications in the runtime system.
File Status Codes Describes file status codes.
Utilities Describes the number of utilities that are available for use with the runtime system.
Shared Memory Describes the acushare utility for using shared memory on UNIX.