Installation under UNIX


You must be running a shared libraries build of the extend Interoperability Suite. To check, look at the contents of the lib subdirectory of your ACUCOBOL-GT installation - if the files or reside in that directory, the runtime is a shared object on your system.

If you intend to connect to a Microsoft SQL Server database, you must have installed the unixODBC ( driver manager, and the driver manager's lib directory is on the LD_LIBRARY_PATH. If you intend connecting to another type of database, as well as the unixODBC driver manager, you can use either the DataDirect ( or iODBC ( data managers. In all three instances, refer to the vendor's instructions on how to configure to work with the intended data source.

To install AcuSQL on your UNIX host, simply run the product installer as per the instructions in UNIX Installation, applying an appropriate product code and product key for AcuSQL.