Changes Affecting Version 10.1.0

If you are updating from a version of the extend Interoperability Suite prior to version 10.1.0, you need to be aware of the following changes that may affect your existing applications.

TRANSLATE_TO_ANSI configuration variable
This variable has been superceded by the COBOL_CHARACTER_SET configuration variable, and should be replaced in your applications. See the COBOL_CHARACTER_SET details for more information. (Important: This decision was reversed in extend 10.1.1, where you can continue to use this variable for your translations.)
W$FONT library routine
W$FONT may load slower than in the past, due to the new Unicode support.
The runtime now checks to see if a chosen font has a width that seems too large, and if so, every character is validated. With ANSI fonts, this is about 250 characters. With Unicode fonts, this can be up to 65,000 characters, meaning that the test can take considerably longer to load.
If you encounter W$FONT loading slower than in previous versions and you do not plan to use the Unicode support, set V71-FONT-WIDTHS to TRUE to skip the width validation.