AcuXDBC Setup: General Tab

In the General tab, enter the information that is requested, then click OK. Descriptions of each field are shown in the table below.

Field Description

Data Source Name (Required)

Enter a string that identifies the name of the data source that you are creating. Specify a name that represents the type of data in this group of data files or the type of query that will be made against these files. Since this name is used every time a user opens this data source, select a name that is meaningful to users. (For example, “ACME Payroll” might be used for payroll files for the ACME Corporation.)

The name of the data source must be no longer than 63 characters. Follow the Windows file-naming conventions when using special characters in data source names. Also, note that the name you choose must be unique.

This is a required field. Default value is blank. Description

Description (Optional)

Enter a description of the data source for additional user clarification. Default value is blank.

Network Driver

Check this box if this is a network data source.


If this is a network data source, enter the hostname ofthe server on which the data resides.


If this is a network data source, enter the port number on whcih the server is listening. Default is 20222.

Configuration File (Required)

Browse to the configuration file that you created for the data source (a remote file if this is a network data source).

The configuration file defines the location of your Vision files, file case instructions, and much more. This is a required field. By default, it is located in the installation directory and named “acuxdbc.cfg”.

Username (Optional)

A username for the person who will be logging into the database on this machine. Default value is blank. If you have set up usernames, but the Username field is blank, you will be prompted for one at the time of connect.

Password (Optional)

A password to be associated with the username. Default value is blank.

Confirm Password

Confirm the password by entering it a second time.