Changes Affecting Version 10.0

New Samples Directory

On Windows, the samples supplied with your products are installed in the following location:

%PUBLIC%\Documents\Micro Focus\extend x.x.x\sample
where %PUBLIC% is a Windows variable that on most Windows versions defaults to c:\users\public, and x.x.x is the version number of your extend installation.

A copy of the definition files and XML Extensions COPY files can also be found at this location, but they are also still installed in their previous location (the \sample sub-directory of the installation directory), so as to minimize changes required to your source code.

AcuBench uses a new environment variable %sampledir% in order to reference the new location.

Updating from AcuBench 4.3

Some conversion .dll files have been removed from the current installation. If you are updating from AcuBench 4.3 or earlier, you will need to request a temporary version of AcuBench 9.2, so that you can update your project files, after which you can use AcuBench 10.0 with your projects.