Changes Affecting Version 8.1.1

XFD format and -Fe compiler option

By default the compiler will now generate XFDs in XML format, as opposed to standard flat text, which was the default prior to Version 8.1.1. This change also affects the -Fe compiler option. This option will now direct the compiler to create XFDs in flat text format, as opposed to XML format, which was the case in versions prior to 8.1.1.

Read-only entry fields

In Version 8.1, read-only entry fields were changed to conform to standard Windows behavior in that the background color is always gray (regardless of the COBOL program's Color setting). This is still the case in Version 8.1.1; however, this behavior is now configurable. If you need the ability to change the color of read-only entry fields, set the runtime configuration variable ECN_3699 to 0.