INVALID_NUMERIC_DATA configuration variable

Use this variable to indicate how AcuXDBC should treat non-numeric data in a numeric field.

Error (default) Causes AcuXDBC to treat non-numeric data in a numeric field as an assignment error
Truncate     Causes AcuXDBC to treat the first non-numeric character in a numeric field as the end of the numeric data (thus truncating the numeric data). This includes anything that is not a number, decimal, plus, or minus
Zero Causes the field to be returned to the application as 0 if the field contains any non-numeric data
Be aware that users may inadvertently change data in a record. For example, if a particular record contains non-numeric data in a numeric field, and the user changes the data while working in an ODBC-enabled application, the record in the source file changes to reflect what is now in the application. Therefore, exercise caution when setting either the INVALID_NUMERIC_DATA or READ_ONLY variables to a non-default value.

Some applications must read data based on the key. If a numeric column of a key field contains non-numeric data, the application will be unable to find the correct row of the file and may show an error. Note that, in particular, Microsoft Access selects the columns of the primary key and then selects the rest of the data based on those key columns. If Access cannot read the data (because a user operation has changed the data, and therefore the wrong data is in the key), the affected records show as DELETED. In this case, you must fix the data in the primary key.