Implementation Details

AcuServer provides remote file access services through the use of a memory resident program (daemon or service) named acuserve, running on the file server. The client application executes using an ACUCOBOL-GT runtime. The runtime must be the same version as AcuServer.

The runtime recognizes access requests to remote files and uses socket calls to acuserve to fulfill the requests.

On the server, acuserve waits for file access requests, manages their execution, and returns the result to the client requester.

A typical AcuServer interaction might be:

  1. An application running on a network machine attempts to READ a file.
  2. The ACUCOBOL-GT runtime recognizes that the file to be read is located on a remote system and packages the request to acuserve on the file server.
  3. acuserve receives the request, executes the READ, and returns the result to the client, completing the interaction.