Connection Times Out

Problem: An attempt to connect to AcuServer times out, or your application gets a time-out error during execution.

A typical time-out error message looks like:

File error 9D,14 on @condor:/usr2/bsmith/fio_seq.dat
condor: Timed out

Time-out errors occur when the server is down, the server crashes while your program is running, or network conditions produce very protracted response times (the result of an overburdened network, or faulty network hardware/software).


  1. Confirm that the server is up and responding to the network:

    From your client system use "ping" to query the server:

    ping hostname

    Ping will return:

    hostname is alive


    no answer from hostname

    If there is no answer from the server, determine the cause of the failure (machine down; network connection faulty) and restore the server. With ping, confirm that the network connection is working.

  2. Confirm that acuserve is running on the server:
    • If you are using the Windows graphical environment, check the Services tab in the AcuServer Control Panel. Services that are running are marked with a green bullet and services that are stopped are marked with a red bullet.

      If the service is not running, click Start.

    • If you are in a command-line environment, enter the command:
      acuserve -info

      If acuserve is running, the command will return a summary of AcuServer's current status. For example:

      0 file(s) in use by acuserve on: hostname

      If acuserve is not running the command will return:

      acuserve is not running on hostname

      If acuserve is not running, start acuserve and repeat the acuserve -info test.

    Once acuserve is running, rerun your application on the client. If the connection still times out, proceed to step three.

  3. Set the runtime configuration variable DEFAULT_TIME_OUT to 100 seconds (four times the default value) and run your application.

    If the connection succeeds, analyze your network for the cause of the prolonged connection time. You should investigate network capacity, collision and retransmission rates, and network hardware or software malfunction.

    If necessary, repair your network and confirm its proper operation. Reset DEFAULT_TIME_OUT to its default setting of 25 seconds and rerun your application.

  4. If the application times out, you will probably need to work with your network system administrator, network hardware and software vendors, and our Technical Services to resolve the problem.