Installing the Client

There is nothing on the AcuServer distribution media to install on the client machine. However, you should ensure that every client system that will use AcuServer has a licensed copy of an ACUCOBOL-GT runtime and that AcuServer and the runtime share the same version. To check a runtime's version, use the -v option on the client runtime command line. The runtime displays information similar to the following:

ACUCOBOL-GT runtime version 8.0
Serial number 1234
Licensed for 2 processes 
AcuServer client
Vision version 5 file system
Copyright ©) 1988 - 2008, Micro Focus (IP) Ltd.

Look for the line AcuServer client and a runtime version number that matches the version of AcuServer that you are running. If these two criteria are not met, the client machine cannot access data using AcuServer.