Debug Options

The Debug options allow you to specify whether AcuBench should perform the same save and code generation actions, prior to starting a program in the debugger, that are performed prior to a build/rebuild. Because you have the option to modify code in the debugger, this option can provide a handy way to speed up the testing of new changes. Consider the following case:

There is an important caveat for those considering this option. If you have selected Always save all documents in the Tools > Options > Build interface, having the debugger use the build options may have a significant impact on performance. Because saving a file changes its timestamp, this combination of options causes AcuBench to perform a detailed check for code changes in every file every time you enter the debugger.

This interface also lets you determine whether the current line of execution in the debugger is highlighted and what the highlight color is.

To set Debug options, perform the following steps, as needed:

  1. Select the Debug category of the Environment options.
  2. Enable the Follow the options specified in ‘Build’ page check box to direct the workbench to apply the settings in the Build category to the set of actions taken prior to starting a program in the debugger.
  3. Enable the Colorize line of execution check box if you want the current line of execution in your code to be highlighted. Choose a highlight color in the drop-down box to the right of the check box.