Displaying an Access Record

Use the following procedure to display an access record.
  1. Start the Access File Manager.
  2. Click option [4] on the main menu. The manager asks if you want to display the records to the screen:
    Display to the screen [Y]?
  3. You can display records to the screen, or you can output all of the records to a file:
    • To display the records to the screen, enter Y. The manager responds with the following prompt:
      Display all records [Y]?

      Enter Y to display all records to the screen. Enter N to select a specific record to display to the screen. If you enter N, the manager presents two prompts:

      Enter official client machine name:
      Enter client user name:

      At the first prompt, enter the official client machine name. At the second prompt, enter the client user name. If a matching record is found, the record is displayed. Otherwise, the manager states that no match was found and returns to the main menu.

    • To copy the records to a file, enter N. The manager responds with the following prompt:
      Enter the name of the Server Report File
      Filename [AcuAccess.rpt]:

      Enter a file name or accept the default. The manager copies the access records to the named file.

      Creating 'AcuAccess.rpt'