License file names

The name of each license file is based on the name of the product's executable file, with a special extension. For example, if your runtime executable is named "runcbl," the runtime license file is named "runcbl.alc," and the Acu4GL for Sybase license file is named "runcbl.ylc." Each product has its own license file. The following chart lists the UNIX and Windows license file name for each extend product.

Product License ext. UNIX Windows
Acu4GL DB2 .klc runcbl.klc wrun32.klc
Acu4GL Informix .ilc runcbl.ilc N/A
Acu4GL MSSQL .mlc N/A wrun32.mlc
Acu4GL ODBC .dlc N/A wrun32.dlc
Acu4GL Oracle .olc runcbl.olc wrun32.olc
Acu4GL Sybase .ylc runcbl.ylc wrun32.ylc
AcuBench .alc N/A acubench.alc
ACUCOBOL-GT compiler .alc ccbl.alc ccbl32.alc
ACUCOBOL-GT runtime .alc runcbl.alc wrun32.alc
ACUCOBOL-GT runtime CGI .clc runcbl.clc wrun32.clc
AcuConnect distributed processing .clc acurcl.clc acurcl.clc
AcuConnect Thin Client .alc acurcl.alc acurcl.alc
AcuServer .alc acuserve.alc acuserve.alc
AcuSQL precompiler .alc acusql.alc acusql.alc
AcuSQL runtime .2lc runcbl.2lc wrun32.2lc
AcuToWeb .wlc acurcl.wlc acurcl.wlc
AcuXDBC .alc xvision.alc xvision.alc
AcuXDBC Server .slc xvision.slc xvision.slc
AcuXDBC Enterprise .elc xvision.elc xvision.elc
Transaction Server .1lc runcbl.1lc wrun32.1lc
Note: If you rename the product's executable file, you must change the base name of the license file to match it, and leave the license file extension unchanged. For example, if you rename your compiler from "ccbl" to "mycomp," you must rename the license file from "ccbl.alc" to "mycomp.alc."

License files with an extension ending in an exclamation point (!), are back-up copies of old license files. See License Files for Windows for more information.