Definition Files

ACUCOBOL-GT includes a number of definition files. These files make it easier to use some of ACUCOBOL-GT's special features, such as graphical controls, color configuration, and Windows HELP. Many of the definition files contain predefined data structures for use with ACUCOBOL-GT runtime routines. You can include these structures easily in your program by COPYing the definition file into your program. All of the definition files have the three-character .def extension in their name. Most reside in the sample\def directory: in Windows, this is %PUBLIC%\Documents\Micro Focus\extend x.x.x\sample\def, and copies are also placed the sample\def subdirectory of your ACUCOBOL-GT directory. In UNIX, they reside in the sample/def subdirectory of your ACUCOBOL-GT directory. How and when to use these files is documented with the feature or function that the file supports (such as with a runtime library routine or in the Special Names reference documentation).

Note: Always use the same .def file version with the corresponding version of the development system. For example, do NOT use a Version 9.0 .def file with a Version 10.0 development system.